Sunday, January 30, 2005

Our Favorite Things

Paddy is just two. His favorite thing is sports. Anything where you can throw or catch or kick or hit a ball. Recent quote: "A B-ball uh hoop!" (translation: Nothing but net.)

Aidan is 5.5. He likes tractors, trains, trucks, and trees. He loves to go places. Anywhere in the car is fine. Outside with a sibling is even better. To the playground is best of all. Recent quote: "Hey, Aidan-boy, do you want to go to the swing?" (Translation: "I, Aidan, want to go to the swing and I'm hoping you'll ask me this question so I can answer "Yeah!!")

Kieron is just 9. His favorite things -- well, a 9 year old has lots of interests. If I asked him, he would probably say computer games. He spends the day going from one little project to another, and usually forgetting to pick up after the old one before starting the new one. Recent quote: "What is there to eat?" (Translation: I'm bored)

Sean is just 12. No question there. Football. Green Bay Packers, to be precise. Brett Favre, to be even more precise. Recent quote (taken from a book he read): "The offense sells tickets, but the defense wins championships." (Translation: Why can't the GBP line keep Brett Favre from being rushed so they could have stood a chance at the Superbowl?)

Clare is almost 15. Her interests are many, too. She writes stories, plays LOTR RPGs, and plays fiddle and guitar and tin whistle. Probably most of her interests could be encompassed under the adjective "Celtic". But she also likes to sew.

Brendan is 16. He is interested in trees. He has "his" own giant sequoia grove 20 minutes from our house. He likes reading GA Henty books.

Liam is 18. He likes to write stories in Latin and look through Euclid proofs. He is spending a lot of time in prayer right now trying to discern his vocation and future path. He wants to attend Thomas Aquinas College.

I like being a mom and "heart of the home"and using homeschooling as an excuse to educate myself. Things I would like to know more about: God and my Catholic faith; philosophy; Latin and Greek; how to be a better mother and wife and child of my Creator.

Kevin likes his work and his family. He also likes old movies and mystery stories, and listening to Teaching Company tapes at night. He likes playing his acoustic or electric guitar, and golf on the Playstation.

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