Thursday, December 22, 2005

Deep Cleaning Day

.... but I improvised a bit. We haven't been at home much for the past couple of days so I was behind on the other jobs for this week. The Zone for today was the master bedroom but I had worked on it last week so it wasn't bad, except for the closet which is DREADFUL but not much can be done until the Christmas presents are out of there.

So yesterday I vacuumed the pantry and wiped at the cupboard tops as a sort of swipe at the missed Kitchen Day, and today we worked on organizing the loft -- moved Top Meadow and made a music center. Kieron did some toy-organizing for money. I need to have a list of jobs people can do for extra money. Especially him. It shouldn't be too difficult because the jobs are all on my cards.

I told the kids about the idea for keeping everyone's clutter out of the way -- fining transgressors and giving the money to the one who owed least. No one was very enthusiastic. We will try it on a trial run basis and see if it's workable. The other idea is that I simply cram everything into a basket and charge people to get it back. No one cared much for that one either.

Yesterday I told the boys that they should be able to start fires if necessary and that "I can't" shouldn't really be a way of saying, "I don't want to and so it's easier not to be able to." I said that in the real world, people that "can't" do things work harder than people that can. I suppose that's a more negative way of saying, "We should turn our weaknesses into strengths."

I love quotes. But I have to keep from using them as missiles.

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