Monday, December 05, 2005



This year I want to learn to make things. One reason is so that next year, I can just possibly?? hand out homemade gifts. Always wanted to do that. Can bake pretty well but would like to move out a bit from there.

It might tie in well with my wish/dream to do CM handicrafts with the kids. Hmm... can't help moving to generalization here -- maybe a LOT of my wish/dream/intentions for my kids' enrichement should start with ME wanting to do it because it's GOOD.


I would like to expand my cooking repetoire. For instance, in two days I have to come up with a side dish for the football banquet and I would like it to be really neat, yet inexpensive and doable with ingredients around the house. My backup plan is carrot muffins or buttermilk biscuits. Hmm, scalloped potatoes just occurred to me as well. Those are all pretty safe but we'll see....

I have a divider for Goals and Habits in my SHE card file. But I thought I might add them here too because when I type them out, I can ruminate upon them.

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