Saturday, December 31, 2005

Interesting Take on "STUFF"

Can't seem to paste it here:
Unschooling Landscape
Oh, here we go:

"As a type A personality who has given over to the three cyclones presently living here, I spend a fair amount of time rearranging and trying to find spaces for the many things necessary to fuel our current and potential passions. Instead of fighting the accumulation of stuff, I've become a student of stuff and a careful observer of the way my family interacts and uses space. I redirect my organizational energy to make this stuff more accessible, more available, more enticing.

Shelves, cabinets, baskets and bins are filled with goodies to explore and excite. I accumulate and acquire stuff with an obsessive quality that rivals the above mother's obsession to control the stuff in her home. As Unschoolers, we dive into topics with gusto, devouring all that we can get our hands on and then moving onto the next entree. Many times, I'll see something that whets my own appetite with its future promise and I pick it up, waiting for just the right time to pull it out."

What this says to me on a household logistics front is that using the stuff is acceptable as well as getting rid of it. I think that for me, clutter is a security issue, like swaddling an infant. I have a resistance to empty space and to using the materials both, because it implies hunger and lacking to me to have empty spaces and depleted resources. Interesting.

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