Friday, December 16, 2005

Later -- Planning

I did some vacuuming in the hall and the kids' room. It is nice to be going through it for the second time... lots easier this time.

I made dinner early today because I knew I was going to wear out later today after all that housework and also working on the article. I feel good, just ready for a break.

I was thinking about my card system and wanted to write down some ideas for planning for the future that have occurred to me.

  1. This one's from Get Your Act Together. Put inspirational thoughts and general habits on cards, also reminders to make progress on "important, not urgent" longterm things. I'm already doing something like that but they had some specific ideas I liked.
  2. A set of cards for "Life Skills" for the kids. Today Sean took a hot pan out of the oven for the first time (!). I'd like to have a set of things written down for different age groups so I can browse through and make sure they are on track.
  3. Oh, yes, the other one was to make lists of things in storage so I can remember them for the future! I have SO MUCH STUFF I've forgotten it all! That's an idea from SHE too.
  4. Something to do with homeschool -- forgot the details -- maybe a card file with ideas and goals.

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