Friday, December 30, 2005

My Closet

I've decided to attack my closet. It's a BIG dragon (weird rabbit trail --- googled Dragon + Clutter and found this book review site Mom2Mom Connection) OK! now that it's proved beyond doubt that I am a SHE!! My closet is another proof. It is a walk-in. All my clothes fit in an armoire in our large bathroom, so the closet is basically, my office. Almost all my homeschool resources, and my paper trail, is in there. It is simply awful beyond description.

I will have to do the classic Dragon-Taming and spend 5-10 minutes in there daily. It worked for the garage, which was worse, probably.

The challenge here will be that there's totally blocked energy in that closet. Is there a scriptural analogy to blocked energy? It's like the parable of the man who kept stocking his grain in warehouses, then one day his end came, and that was it. The mice ate the grain. He'd wasted all that time and effort and solicitude for something that did him no good at all.

There's homeschool stuff in there I haven't used in years, or ever; old math notebooks of my college student; you name it.

My vision is to go in there and see order, and empty spaces, not jammed surfaces everywhere. OK, so that's the Quixotic mission.

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Heather Ivester said...


I saw that you linked to my site, so I popped in for a visit. I'm attempting to declutter as well. I've never heard of "Dragon-Taming," but I've just discovered and have been trying out her systems. So far, I have a shiny sink -- but miles to go before I've found a place for everything, and everything in its place.
Best wishes for your organizing in 2006!