Sunday, December 04, 2005

Organization Update

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I have been using the SHE index cards to plan out my week. I put the weekly jobs in their proper places under the month dividers. For example, this week is the 4th to 11th. So I pick out those dividers. Monday is the 5th, so I put all the weekly (blue) cards I've allocated to do on Monday (laundry, moderate cleaning, etc) under that division, and so on.

I also glance at the calendar so I have a sense of what's going on this week and can plan. I think today I will make preparation cards for all the events. For example, Wednesday is the football banquet and we're supposed to bring a side dish. So I need to research for a recipe, buy the ingredients and prepare the dish. Also pull together good clothes for everybody. So I'll write all that down on the card.

I'm also going to slowly add Flylady and Virtuous Women job lists to the index cards but I don't want to do this too quickly because overloading has been a problem in the past. I want this to be basic enough so it is easy for me.

I would like to put my homeschool things in much better order so while the weather outside is dreary and there is no gardening or yard work to be done I'm going to spend Saturdays systemizing homeschool stuff.

Some Ideas for Homeschool Organization:

  • Label all the comb bound materials.
  • Organize curriculum by subject or age group or whatever
  • Possibly a written inventory?
  • Sell old curriculum and materials on Cathswap or wherever.
  • Streamline.
  • Inventory books and weed out.
  • Do some research on the best system for running a homeschool.
  • Self-Education.
  • Wish lists to round out supplies.
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