Saturday, December 24, 2005

Saturday, Christmas Eve

Today the post office let us in unofficially to pick up some packages that did not arrive in a timely manner. I feel very virtuous since I ordered at the beginning of December, but virtue did not really pay off here.

I have spent most of the morning wrapping presents. Amazing how long it takes even when we've tried to simplify gift-giving quite a bit. I think I still over-ordered.

Clare sewed me a skirt! It's in a green and red plaid so I can wear it tomorrow. She wants to sew pants for the little boys so I am going on a hunt for elastic later on. My motto for next year will be, "A place for everything and everything in its place." Ha.

The vigil mass at our station chapel is at 5 pm. We need to arrive early and Sean is nervous since a couple of times he has gotten faint because of all the bodies. I told him to pray they'd all start going to church regularly so new churches would be built to accommodate them all.

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