Thursday, December 15, 2005


I think that today I need to prioritize the Kolbe article. This morning I got up late, sigh, and talked to S and had Kieron call R. Plus I made cookie dough. Next I will make the cookies.

I am thinking that I should switch today and tomorrow; today can be the Office Day and tomorrow the Deep Cleaning Day. That way I can focus on writing with a good conscience.

Habit: I'm going to start a habit of visualizing the next day/week/whatever before I go to sleep at night. Gosh, I am going off the deep end with this self-help stuff. But one of my ongoing problems is not dealing with difficult, anxiety-producing things until I have to. So then I am either half-prepared or blindsided by reality. In other words, it's to help deal with the roots of my procrastination problem.

It may be hokey but I think it's worth a try.

Another Habit: get to bed at a decent hour.

I thought if I write out or THINK out contingencies in a relaxed manner, it may help me actually deal with reality. I'm not going to talk to my spirit guide or anything weird like that. It's perfectly legitimate to ask for my angel or patron saint to help me though. What's the difference? Hmm, I know the difference, and writing it out isn't tops on my priority list right now.

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