Wednesday, December 14, 2005


  • Aidan's ST is coming later today to visit with Aidan and drop off some things for him to do over the vacation.
  • His OT is probably also coming
  • We will go to the library and the market, as usual.
  • I need to call S. and
  • email the liver tx team about A's labs.
  • I need to write that article!
  • K needs to call R

I need to think. I'm not sure about what but if it occurs to me, I'll write it out here. I feel I've gone too long without thinking.

Discouraged tonight. Some bad medical news from Dad, and then I'm in one of those modes where I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. It seems to happen periodically and then I just... let go. For now, I need to remember to moderate my cycles rather than strictly deny them. Keep notes; try to figure out what is going on and how I can deal with it without perpetuating bad habits like beating up on myself. St Francis de Sales says not to be intemperate about anything, even temperance.

Remember that I DID finish everything on my list for Wednesday.. Oh yeah, I have some calls to make and am procrastinating, and that's probably not helping matters. I need to deal, there.

I can't call NOW, since it's dinner hour, but I can commit to doing it in an hour.

Also -- oh, yeah. The article. That's a big one. Since I'm having trouble thinking, I can't seem to get it down in my mind.

Also, trying to do EXTRA when I'm down seems to help more than making it easy on myself. What to avoid is to trick myself into feeling I am lacking. I did everything on the list, EXCEPT the article. Maybe I can go work on my closet and THINK.

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