Thursday, January 12, 2006

More Resolutions

Find joy in doing things that I want to be able to do AMDG (for the greater glory of God):
  • Keep a good house
  • Cook and eat simply and well
  • Live actively, reach out
  • Provide a good environment for the kids
  • Be a good companion -- to husband, to kids and parents and neighbors and others
And secondly, get better at doing these things. That is, take them seriously and try to improve by taking realistic steps towards doing better.

It occurs to me that part of "joy" is about living in the moment. Love2LearnMom uses the Latin phrase: Age quod agis. Do what you are doing.

Karen Edmisten writes:
Father Jean Pierre De Caussade, in his spiritual classic Abandonment to Divine Providence speaks of “the sacrament of the moment.” He reminds us that we are to accept everything that comes to us, moment by moment, as God’s holy will, and to cheerfully, joyfully embrace all things, even (especially) the sufferings and pain.
Cindy "challenges" me with a plan of action for staying in the present moment and with what is actually going on with my kids.
  • Take a spiral notebook out tomorrow morning and keep it handy during the day.
  • Jot very short notes (no long reflections here, please) of what your kids are up to all day.
  • Include, games, creations, ideas. If you want, also put in what they read, write or watch.
  • But even if you don't put in any of the above, try and jot down what you talk about. What they talk about. Discussions.
  • Try and just be present and listen. Hang out in their world and throw in your two bits now and then. Or give them a discourse on the Supreme Court Justice nomination.. go for it!
  • At the end of the day, take a look and see what connections were made.

And finally, to inspire me with a likeminded Catholic's version of family goals. Angie's Priorities
1. Prayer
2. Personal Care
3. Relationships
4. Skills and Services

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