Tuesday, February 14, 2006

3:30 am already

I would not call this insomnia, even though I will probably feel differently tomorrow. I started fasting yesterday -- not just because of Candace Joy, though her crisis is the focal point right now. It's not a REAL fast, it's just a bit of a shut-down. And that's possibly what has led to a kind of vigilance that's kept me awake..... not worrying or brooding, just awake.

I was planning out my Kolbe article to write, and in the process mind-writing about 3 or 4 other articles/posts in my head. I'm starting some mastitis, I think.

I wanted to write down something that seems really a truism now that I'm writing it out, but seemed more revelatory when I was pondering in the dark.

It would be well, if I want my kids to be interested in something or pursue it, that I do the same myself. Not always. They will have interests of their own, and they will go farther than me in some things. But if we're at a sticking point, just as with discipline/character things, it might be well to ponder what kind of an example I am being.

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