Monday, February 13, 2006

Busy Monday

Today the focus was on:
  • Doing laundry and changing bedding
  • Restoring things to their places.
  • Supervising kids' dailies and weeklies.
It seems that this was more of a task than usual because by afternoon I was exhausted enough to be grouchy. OR just possibly it was because I didn't get a moment's down time -- it was all running from one thing to another. We went to the library to pick up some books, and I let the babies play outside for a while afterwards. I also stacked wood and cooked pizza.

I alarm myself sometimes by how easily I get tired out. But I notice that I can cheerfully spend quite a bit of time working physically without undue exhaustion. What wears me down is "being on-task" -- having a list of things to do, feeling the pressure of time, and meeting demands and needs in the right spirit.

I got math done with the kids but never got to "baby time" at the table with Gabriel or Raphael. This will be a priority tomorrow --- when, incidentally, we have to drive into town for most of the day -- so, I expect I will be tired tomorrow, too.

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