Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Computer Limitations

I put it over here but I wanted to reference it here too.

I commited to staying off the computer myself until 4 pm. This is so I can focus on the kids during the day. It was easy today but will probably hit hard eventually so I want to remind myself why I think it's important.

  • It helps motivate the kids to find alternative activities.
  • It keeps me focused on our house and home instead of drifting off into cyberspace.
  • It is a good penance and discipline.
  • I have been happier and less anxious today so probably computer time has some kind of mental or emotional effect on me, or perhaps it's subliminal guilt for not doing what I ought to be doing.
  • What I said to the kids applies to me too. I told them that kids and working dads don't have computer time until they get home in the afternoon. And the same goes for working moms. And I am a working mom.

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