Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Notebooks

Edited to Add: Dawn's Commonplace Book
and Cheryl's Home Management Book.

I just started a new notebook called Home Improvement to put things in that I think we need to do with our home. But it isn't going very well, so for now I'm just jotting home improvement ideas in my spiral. When I get enough maybe that will be motivation to work on the notebook.

The one I'd like to start (or revive) is a House and Hearth systems one. I've had control journals in the past but I am imagining this one as more personalized and dealing with the procedural things that so often slip out of my mind. For example, I have a new system for allowances. It would be good to have it written out so that I can remember the details later and revise if necessary. There are a lot of things that "slide" around here and stay "just good enough" when they could be better. I might put recipes in here too, but more personalized with an explanation of context.

There is my Liturgical Year notebook. I need to file the Advent material and start a Christmas and Beyond one.

Dawn's spiral and Michele's inspired me to make one for downstairs. I put clippings and pretty things in there. It is going well.

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