Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Paddy and His Books

I wrote about my Paddy's Books journal here.

Here is some more about how I have been planning "behind the scenes" for his books. Obviously I don't talk to him about this. Right now I follow his lead -- sometimes he teaches me what connections to make! and sometimes I mention very lightly a connection between books, or we "play" a book or repeat alternate lines.

I notice that I plan so much better if I have a "big picture" and a guide or "golden thread" to steer through it. Paddy's book list -- there is such an array of books to choose from that it can get overwhelming. FIAR's booklist "feels" both too varied and too constricted to me. But following threads of connections works great. BY:

Author: Lobel, Minarik, Jan Brett, Eric Carole.

Genre: Folk tale, Fairy Tale.

Theme or Topic: Imaginary Pets, Bears, Winter, Counting.

Art: Watercolor, colored pencil, woodcut

Style & Literary Devices: Repeating, Cumulative, rhyming
Connections: cross-cultural, science, geography, history, religious.

When Paddy likes a book I think through these categories. It serves a few useful purposes. One is that is helps me be attentive to what he is getting out of the book. For example, recently he has become fascinated with counting, so he likes books -- and there are MANY -- where there are lots of objects on a page to count.

Another useful purpose is that it gives me a mental way to categorize his reading and make connections myself. Related to that is that I can go to the library and search across these categories.

I think as he gets older this can easily translate into a theme approach to learning.

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