Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Fitness update

I decided to change how I do this, since my weight actually went up a pound... discouraging! But my measurements are down -- 2 inches in the hips and 1.5 around the waist. And I feel so much better. So I am trusting that the scales are not being reliable right now -- (ancient thrift store find -- very basic, and sometimes a bit quirky). Anyway, here is where I am -- one pound up from a week ago.

So the plan for this week:

  • Weigh myself only once a week. This is hard for me because I get invested in results -- but I think I can do it. Same with the measuring tape. This will allow me to monitor without being too OCD about it. ... hopefully! Don't go there!
  • Keep up habit of daily walks (I have been walking early in the morning by myself, and taking a more leisurely walk in the later morning with the children). The nice thing is: I LOVE this. They say that exercise is generally more successful if it is something you enjoy doing for its own sake.
  • Habit of activity in daily life -- taking stairs, parking farther away, playing baseball with the little ones, that kind of thing.
  • Food: everything in moderation, and plenty of vegetables and fruits (in that order, since my blood sugar fluctuates if I don't watch it). I am keeping a food diary -- once again, trying not to be OCD, just be aware of trends.
  • Don't stress myself. I often reflect on Helen's metaphor on Hiking and the Educational Plan. Maybe it's just because I'm getting old (!!) but I am less inclined to want to punish myself by doing something good. Why make good habits harder than they have to be?
In line with that, here are:
The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Dieters
7-Tip Series for Success

The other thing I am doing is simply commiting to a time frame to form new habits. In other words, rather than a goal of losing X, I am setting aside 54 days to work on these things. Why 54 days? Because I have a rosary novena going on and so, it makes sense to have the two timelines converge. That helps me bring a spiritual dimension into my health goals too.

Having a timeline gives me some space and time to focus on habits rather than getting too wrapped up in results. Have I mentioned I get too invested in results if I let myself?? : D

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