Sunday, May 20, 2007


Hey, measurements really work to keep track of weight loss. I never thought they did, so I never bothered. But they do! I've lost 1 in, 1/2 in and 3/4 in.

That means I don't have to pay so much attention to scales while I'm working on those pounds.

Scales are not very good for my soul. I know a mother who will not keep a scale in the house for the sake of herself and her two teenage daughters. Clare and I have discussed it and we think that wouldn't be necessary in this house. Clare does not weigh herself very often and neither do I EXCEPT when I'm trying to lose a few pounds.

I was just thinking earlier that weight loss and true health correspond to each other only incidentally, like schooling and learning. Sometimes they overlap almost entirely, sometimes they don't overlap at all and are therefore completely separate categories. Sometimes they can have an adverse relationship.

Scales are rather like tests. Sometimes scales are only measuring water loss or gain. And sometimes tests are only measuring compliance to test standards. Make water equate "intellectual vitality" and you can have an analogy where the more vitality you lose, the "better" the number looks. But in the long run, it's a losing proposition. You need that vitality.

Tests work best in the context of several other things, and so maybe do scales and measuring tapes.

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