Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What I Carry

I found this bag meme on Elizabeth's site and thought it looked like fun, so I'm tagging myself. Here goes....

Here is my bag. It is big, and it matches everything I wear, pretty much. It's a hand me down from my mother in law, who probably picked it up at a thrift store. Just so you know that. Why buy a handbag when if you wait long enough, someone will give you one? I love it; I love the colors. Before that I had a black leather one, also a handmedown, but it fell apart.

Now the contents. First my calendars and various other notebooks. I would like to link to a description of them but homeschooljournal is down right now -- and that's where I described my planners.

Here is my oversized wallet. Old but useful. It contains keys, credit cards etc, plus a few prayer books and a small notebook. Plus a couple of odds and ends like a clean-wipe packet, a small lotion bottle, Purell, a bandaid, etc. If I am going somewhere quickly and don't need the whole big bag, I can just bring this one. Or I can easily transfer it to a different bag if I need to.

Seizure meds! I bring the meds everywhere, just in case, after a scary episode where we were in the car and Aidan went into a seizure. Hasn't happened since, but this way the meds are always at my fingertips.

We live in California -- so sunglasses, water bottle and sunscreen come with us everywhere. Neutrogena is the only sunblock we've found that our fair Celtic skin can tolerate.

And I never go anywhere without a book or two. These are the ones that were in there most recently. Usually I bring at least two, so I have a choice, and so I don't run out of things to read -- which is a phobia of mine.

I don't have reason to carry diapers anymore, sadly, but I do often bring a spare pair of little-boy clothes and a pull-up and a few diaper wipes, since I still have two little boys and it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

If I am what I carry, I guess I'm a mom with little messy kids past babyhood, with some medical stuff going on, who lives in California and carries pieces of her brain around with her. I started bringing my calendars everywhere with me since people were planning meetings and things and I am starting to forget them if I don't write them down right away. I better not lose my bag!

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