Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday -- Fitness

I have walked every morning for about ten days now. I'm past the first joy and into that second stage where I wake up and think, "Can't I take today off?" I always tell myself "Just get up and go, even if you simply stroll for 10 minutes." I'm trying to remember that I'm outside and walking because I want to love that activity -- it oughtn't to be simply a means to an end. And once I'm out there, of course, I have the energy and usually walk for 20 minutes or a bit more. This is challenging because it's mountain trails -- rough ground, lots of hills and valleys. So 20 minutes pretty much counts as a workout.

Benefits noticed:

  • I get up promptly at 6 am even without an alarm clock. Back home by 6:30 and I have about an hour to read and write on the computer before everyone else gets up. This means I spend less time on the computer during the day.
  • Much more fit and energetic.
  • I've been sleeping better at night -- tired out by 10 pm.
My goal is to walk at least 4 days a week, so I'm exceeding that.

Note: I usually take a nap or at least lie down and read for 45 minutes in the afternoon. I really recommend doing this and not feeling guilty about it. The little ones can lie down with you, or have quiet time in their room. My mother in law always does this and she is SO productive. Same with my Dad. He's a faithful naptaker. It seems to be a recipe for success. For me, it makes a huge difference in the dinner hour and evening, if I can have some down time in the afternoon. I know it's hard if you have a bunch of littlies -- but something to keep in mind if you CAN manage it. Even 10 minutes sometimes makes a big difference.

About the weight loss -- if I stand on the scale just the right way, it looks like I lost about 2 pounds. Sigh. If I don't stand just the right way, it looks like I'm about the same as I have been for the past 2 weeks. I suppose I need a REAL medical style scale but I hate to spend the $$$. I've already cut down my calories as much as I can and still feel good and energetic.

Going with the "standing just right on the scale weight" for the sake of my morale. : )

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