Saturday, June 09, 2007

Smart Habit #4 -- Drink Water and Keep Floor Picked Up

Heart of Home
  • Smart Habits Saturday

  • Two habits to work on the next two weeks.

    First habit: Drinking water during the day. I always forget to do this so I thought I would "peg" it to things I do regularly. Specifically, drink a cup of water

    • before AND after my morning walk;
    • before AND after yard work;
    • before each meal: AND
    • bring my water bottle with me in the car AND
    • when I sit down to rest
    This should get me to about 64 ounces without too much problem.

    My other habit: Keep things off the floor.

    This used to be a big problem. What makes it easier is that I've organized the toys so that I know where everything goes. More on that on Tuesday.

    Progress Report:

    #1: Maintaining my room (bed made and toilet swished) -- going great
    #2: 15 Minute Evening Reflection -- fair. I usually do spend some time sitting with my calendar but not at bedtime like I hoped to. I always forget.
    #3: Internet Limits -- going fine so far.

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