Saturday, June 02, 2007

Smart Habit -- Internet Rules

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  • Smart Habits Saturday

  • I've been trying to decide what habit to start working on on this third week So many habits, so little time.....

    Finally I decided that, sigh, much as I'd rather work on something easier, I had better address my internet habit. Sigh! Like Amy, I have trouble with this. Unlike Amy, I've put it off because I knew it would be hard. Last year I wrote this Internet Regula Like many Rules, its importance became apparent in the difficulty I had keeping to it. So now, back to trying again. Here are the details of the Regula:

    • Read and write mostly when everyone is asleep.
    • Don't do this every night.
    • Do research and quick specific emails during the day.
    • Have a notebook to log what I want to accomplish online so I don't drift.
    • Also, log what I did in order to keep track.
    • Pray: AMDG -- devote internet time to God.
    The way I wrote it last time, I was planning to save the internet for nights, but now things are a bit different. I fall asleep at almost the same time as the little ones, and get up at 6 am to go walking. So the hour between 6:30 and 7:30, when everyone else is still asleep, is perfect to do my writing and catch up on my internet reading.

    What I want to focus on now is not getting online during the day except to help one of the kids or communicate quickly with someone.

    What precipitated this -- true confessions! -- I scolded not one, but TWO littlies, yesterday. Both made an aggressive move trying to shut off the computer. This is not how they typically act. I reproved them with great fervor. Since my normal style is more low-key, and in general my flash-point temper has been guarded behind many hedges through the years, I realized quickly how disproportionate and disorderly it was to display the temper about something so small in the real scale of things as my internet use. Plus, small as it is in REAL importance, my kids must take it seriously or they would not do the type of thing they rarely do to my face.

    To put it the short way -- do I really want my kids to grow up remembering they felt they HAD to turn off the monitor to reclaim my gaze, even at the risk of my temper? And do I really want to remember that my internet time was important enough to me so that my little ones were interferences?

    YES! -- I mean, um, NO! So I'm writing this out to remind me since otherwise, the habits creep up with my noticing. That's a typo -- I meant, withOUT my noticing -- but it's a revealing slip. I DO notice but I rationalize it. So I'm leaving it there.

    So the rule is -- back to computer time only when the household is asleep. That means mornings now, but the rest of the stuff can stay the same.


    Mary Ann said...

    O, Amen! Thanks for posting this! During Lent, I gave up most internet. Since then I have rebounded in a terrible way! I will now go make my own regula. I think I will try to set it to pop up every time I open Firefox, if I can figure it out!

    Amy said...

    "Unlike Amy, I've put it off..."

    Ah ha! Very much like Amy. :) I have known I need to do this for YEARS and keep putting it off. In fact, even though it's my "habit" I *keep* putting it off, and I'm not actually doing it. How sad is that! I keep saying, "If I wasn't pregnant and exhausted and sick all the time, I'd get off this couch and computer and do something" but I'm sure that is just a lame excuse. :( I think I need serious baby steps or something.

    Erin said...

    Mmmm, I needed to hear this again. I keep making my rules and breaking them. I've thought of the night only but then dh isn't too thrilled either. So hard to keep it all in balance. You know I've been thinking, maybe computer time should be in proportionate to prayer time. Wouldn't get as much computer time then would I?