Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thinking about.... Daily Routines for Preschoolers

The Lazy Organizer talked a bit about family schedules and personal time for preschoolers. Do you have one? I mean, a daily routine for a pre-reader? When I google "Preschooler Routines" I come up with a bunch of results that have to do with preschools-away-from-home. So I looked for "Toddler Home Routines" and found a few:

The Importance of Toddler Routines
How to ORganize Your Kids' Daily Routines (this is more about chores for school kids but has some ideas for pictorial schedules for littlies)
Help with Daily Routines

Last year I made a bedtime routine chart for Aidan and a weekly calendar where I could put pictorial reminders of upcoming events for him to help him count down and avoid transition anxiety. I am thinking of revising the weekly calendar (didn't turn out to be very re-usable).

In the past I've made picture chore charts for my pre-readers which worked pretty well for a while. I've also done the thing where you put chore cards in slots for the am and pm. This turned out to be too complex for me to keep up with.

I just decluttered and reorganized the littlies' toys (more about that later) and am thinking about putting up pictures of the selection and letting the children choose one at a time. I am pretty sure I read about that idea from someone on one of the Montessori threads I linked to earlier on this blog.

Do2Learn has a lot of nice visual resources including ideas for visual schedules. There is more about visual schedules here.

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