Thursday, July 26, 2007

Finding the right breakfast

This sounds so familiar....LOL

I am writing out my Friday fitness post a day early because I'm at grandma's cabin with Aidan and Liam (Kieron has chickenpox), and so my house goals are in hiatus right now.

I've always had trouble with breakfasts. All during highschool and college I would skip breakfast. There were reasons, no doubt.... stress, and the fact that I simply am not hungry in the morning. Then of course I was starving by midmorning and by afternoon, absolutely drained. I'd come home and completely snack out. See above link : )

When I got married and started having babies, I started eating breakfasts.... usually about an hour after I got up. But whether I ate the "good" breakfast -- a bagel with pb, or cereal and fruit, or yogurt -- or the "bad" breakfast -- a handful of cookies or a big cinnamon roll left over from Sunday baking -- either way, I was usually way hypoglycemic by lunchtime, and it just went downhill from there. Even if I made it through lunchtime, I'd have a major crash by afternoon. See above link, again. That is so me, except no icecream. ( It's hard to get icecream out of the freezer without being noticed by the kids. And by the time they're asleep I usually don't want to be bothered by going downstairs and digging around in the freezer. If you substitute a big box of Little Debbie's Swiss Rolls or a bag of chocolate, AH. Those can stay in my closet, and they're not as hard on the budget as Haagen-Dazs.)

So it turns out, now that I'm trying to notice, that I need to stock up on proteins in the morning and skip most of the carbs and then I can deal much better with the rest of the day. Nowadays, my favorite breakfast is 2-3 eggs, with cheese or some kind of ham or bacon, and sometimes a piece of toast. I can get by with a protein bar if we have to leave in the am before I have an appetite.

The above 3 eggs plus cheese is only about 400 calories, which still leaves room for a light snack in the later morning, but most of the time it carries me till noon.

Yogurt, though recommended by various studies, is a disaster in the morning for me. I suppose it might be different if I ate the unflavored kind, but the fruit and sugar kind is shockingly high on carbs and not that high on protein-- check the package. The Trader Joe sprouted bagels have 54 grams of carbs -- that is just amazing! Early in the morning, that will mess up my whole day. If I eat those, I eat them in the afternoon when whole grain carbs are really a nice energy boost, and put PB on top.

I read about this study yesterday in a GH magazine -- people who eat eggs for breakfast tend to eat less later in the day. This has been true for me.

Also, I've found I have to be careful with fruits. Even natural sugars mess around with me if I eat too much or by themselves. Alongside a protein-dense meal they are OK.

I think the point is that it's worthwhile to experiment until you find out what works. I keep a food journal, so that was how I found out that cereal and yogurt didn't really work for me at breakfast.

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Mary Ann said...

Thanks for this post, Willa. I am going to give morning protein a try. I hope you are all over the chickenpox soon. I had it at 14, yuck!