Monday, July 30, 2007

Food Diary

Faith has been keeping a food diary in her Household Diary, so I thought I'd type in some of the entries I made in my handwritten eating log last week.

Here is a link to a page about serving sizes. I don't like to bother with weighing food because that kind of thing I usually don't keep up, but knowing approximately what a serving consists of can be helpful.


B: 3 eggs and cheese
L: a piece of X-large pizza
S: banana
D: stir fry beef, spring roll, veggies


B: protein bar
L: small sandwich with ham and cheese and lettuce
S: nectarine and a few pistachios
D: cajun stuffed pork (half portion) and vegetables

walked for about 30 minutes total


B; 3 scrambled eggs with grated cheese sprinkled on top
L: tuna salad with mayo, chopped vegetables, lettuce and a few cherry tomatoes
S: misc snacks (jellybeans, pistachios)
D: scalloped sweet potatoes with ham and vegetables.

pedometer: read 15, 361 steps (it's unreliable by about a factor of 2 so it was really about 8K steps)


B: 2 eggs, cheese, toast
L: scalloped sweet potatoes, green beans and ham
S: nectarine
D: chicken patty with bread, bacon, lettuce, and mayo

pedometer 16, 543 steps (adj: 8K steps)


B: 2 eggs, cheese, toast
L: tuna salad, vegetables and lettuce
S: oatmeal and raisin cookie, nectarine
S#2: another oatmeal cookie, red wine
D: salmon, broccoli, egg noodles with parmesan

pedometer: 21,200 (adjusted 10K steps)

Saturday (bad food day, zipping to hospital)

B: chocolate protein bar
L: handful of jelly beans
S: piece of fried chicken from Aidan's plate
D: nitrate free hot dog with cheese and bread

forgot to put on pedometer


B: large nitrate-free hot dog with cheese and bread
L: salmon with broccoli and egg noodles
D: stir fry chicken with vegetables and a spring roll

no exercise beyond normal activities

I'm glad I typed this in because I have lost 3 more pounds in the two weeks since meeting my goal weight and now that I look this over I see I'm skimping a bit too much on the carbs. Most days I seem to have only 3-4 servings of carbs which is probably not enough for maintenance.

This isn't a typical week though. I remember reading a woman's health type book a looong time ago and it said that women tend to need more or less food at different times in their cycles. The only thing I could find online about this was this article on metabolism, which says:

The evidence is that women's bodies burn more calories between ovulation and menstruation. That's why sugary snacks look so good then. Don't starve yourself, but if you can resist the cravings for high-energy foods, your body will burn fat stores for energy.

But it makes sense because I notice I seem to need to stock up on carbs on the second half of my cycle, and I do lose weight more easily then. If you keep a food diary for a few months you notice trends. I really wish I'd have kept a log around the Christmas holidays when I was gaining weight. Here's the thing though -- it would be hard to do that because it's embarrassing : ).

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