Thursday, July 19, 2007

Friday Fitness, a bit late

Right now I'm trying to switch over to maintenance. ... that is, keeping up healthy habits. I tried hard to set up good patterns during these last two months. I did not diet (following the advice of my daughter). I ate everything I would normally eat, but just less of the sugary, simple-carb stuff that makes my blood sugar run amok, and more of the veggies and fats and proteins that seem to provide a stabilizing effect.

It was such a relief not have to deal with the blood-sugar swings that I'm motivated to keep up with the good habits for that reason alone.

That's where I am now.

Exercise has fallen by the wayside a bit because Aidan has been waking up promptly at six (and I can't leave him alone and awake in a sleeping house) and before six am is bear time out in our corner of the California Sierras. No bears. No exercise.

This looks like a sensible article about Healthier Eating. And this article gives the ABCs as follows, vaguely but neatly:

  • Aim for fitness
  • Build a healthy base, and
  • Choose sensibly.

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