Monday, July 09, 2007

Goal Met

Hooray! I met my original weight loss goal! I started back in May 12 so it took about 2 months to lose the 14 pounds.

My ticker says I have three pounds left but that is the "cool down" part of the regimen. My daughter does this with exercise -- she sets the timer for X minutes but starts slowing down about 3 minutes earlier than that. I'm going to try it that way because maintenance is always the hardest part for me I thought if I kept a 3 pound range in mind that it would help me stay awake and not let bad habits creep up.

I worked hard to make good habits that I actually loved and could live with. This was my primary goal and so I'm happy I've found a few pleasant alternatives for exercise and quite a few enjoyable habits like:

  • eating a solid breakfast
  • eating vegetables and salad
  • having a snack in the mid-afternoon
  • taking a small piece of chocolate (or a single cookie or WHATEVER) instead of eating the whole lot.
  • drinking water more consistently
Nothing very original but all seem to help.
I learned I do better if I have carbs along with a protein, and don't try for low-fat. That may be just me. Protein and fat seem to help keep my blood sugar more even and cut down on the cravings.

One thing I learned was to take my cravings seriously, not just dismiss them as symptoms of how greedy and undisciplined I am. If I hear one of my babies crying, I don't dismiss it as spoiled manipulation. It is communication. There is something behind it. This is true of the messages my body gives me, too. Listening doesn't mean "indulging". It means being respectful and trying to help.

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Amy said...

Woo hoo Willa! Great job! :) I think your habits are very wise.