Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tech Learning Curve

My husband just got me a handheld computer -- we were getting a cell phone family plan (finally, Liam will have his own cell at college) and the Palm Treo, which works as a phone, was at a steep discount.

These new machines always take a lot of time to get used to, but I'm hoping in the long run it will help me with organization. I did figure out how to enter things in the calendar, and now I know how to use the document reader. I only took one picture of my fingers by accident while trying to figure out the camera.

Here's a little article on PDAs by a Catholic mom.

Here's Palm e-texts for Catholics (that's the kind of thing I was googling for)

I downloaded The Way of Perfection (Teresa of Avila), The Mystical Rose (Newman, about Mary), Augustine's Confessions, and one more I can't remember. Plus some prayers. Now I will have books with me even if I'm only carrying my handbag. And somewhere to write things down, though I haven't learned to type efficiently on the itty-bitty keyboard.

I am sure I'll find more uses for the thing in future. My dear husband also fixed up my computer, which had only 1 MG free (!!!) due to downloads from the boys who share my cyberspace. Now there's a couple of GB anyway. Then he upgraded my Firefox and somehow got it so that the tabs come up in different colors. That is as cool as giving me flowers.

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