Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wednesday -- Work part II

continued from here ---

Downstairs, 11 am

  • looked at some photos with Aidan -- he wanted to see the pictures I took of the "light and the phone" at the hospital.
  • Went outside with Aidan. While he played, I looked at housekeeping lists on my PDA and read a bit of my mystery (Elizabeth Peters).
  • Went back inside and typed phone numbers into the PDA
  • Drank a couple of cups of water as Flylady recommends : )
  • Fixed lunch for myself (half ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce).
  • Cleaned up the outside fridge a bit and threw a couple of outdated things away.
  • Made chili and chips for Aidan.
  • Kevin talked to me about historical remedies for heat stroke, like drinking wine with olive oil (Romans) and bleeding and friction (middle ages)
  • Paddy wanted me to see what he was doing with the playdough and his "maginary friends".
  • I straightened the loveseat cover and then Paddy wanted to sit down there with me. I sit with him and rub his back, noticing that he is rather grubby after not having a bath since I left for the hospital.
  • Now Paddy is making a "castle" with the playdough.
  • I scrubbed the sink in the kitchen and did some more straightening and organizing.
  • I straighened and wiped down the laundry room.

  • Went upstairs and tidied the bathroom while running a bath.
  • I have the bath, wash hair and change clothes.
  • Now thirsty, I drink 3 cups of water.
  • I decide to bathe Paddy and put him in there despite protests. He resigns himself and plays with the bath animals, drawing their adventures to my attention.
  • I get Paddy out; Paddy and Aidan play flash Veggiettales games on the computer
  • I lie down to rest.
  • Paddy wants me to read, so I read to him for about half an hour, pausing occasionally as Clare and Kevin come to talk to me.
  • Paddy goes off to play with Clare and I managed to nap for 20 minutes
  • The phone rings, waking me up. Then Paddy and Aidan both do their bit to get me up and about.
  • Clare is playing the violin.

  • Hungry, I make myself a small hot dog with bread and a bit of cheese.
  • Now it's time for Aidan's medicine, which he gulps down bravely.
  • I give him a few M&Ms.
  • We go to the library to pick up some requests that have arrived, and then to the market to buy drinks since Aidan needs to drink lots of fluid because of the large doses of Acyclovir he is taking, and we don't have much to drink around the house.
  • We get home and I stay outside for a few minutes with Aidan. Then he comes in and settles down to drink lots of orange juice. Some of the kids watch the LOTR cartoon and others read. Aidan wanders around.
  • I write this and plan dinner.

That brings us up to now -- 3:30 and I think that's enough trivial journalling for one day. Enough to provide a picture. There's still some "hot spots" around the house but it does look better.

I will be making dinner; we're planning a story meeting; and Sean has football practice, but Kevin will take him there. I really ought to fit in some walking and my Rosary.

Faith is right in the comment on my last post. It looks like a lot. It was a busy day, but not really a HARD one. There are so many little things that make a difference, but cumulatively.


julie said...

This comment is really directed to your food and menu posts from last week and to earlier posts on food, diet, etc. I think you would appreciate reading Fallon and Enid's Eat Fat to Lose Fat which is billed as a diet book but is really a nutritional strategy/philosophy book. Your body seems to respond to foods like mine and I found their suggestions life-changing, FWIW.

Willa said...

Thanks, Julie!