Thursday, August 16, 2007

Friday Fitness -- Walk to Rivendell

I found a way to switch my focus from weight loss over to exercise. If you look at the sidebar, it shows my exercise goal -- 458 miles, Hobbiton to Rivendell -- which I hope to complete by the end of 2007. That would mean walking for about 3 miles per day. But I won't stress about the deadline.... the main thing is to make daily progress.

The reason I'm doing the Rivendell thing is because it's cool, and it gives me motivation, and there's a lot of support and milestone celebration built up around it. Whatever works! Maybe next time I'll "walk across Ireland" or "across Alaska" or something else. : ). But walking across an imaginary land is fun for me.

At the bottom of the blog is my weight ticker.... I've switched over to maintenance. It shows 2 pounds left to go but that is simply the bottom of my range. But the ticker has a nice ability to continue tracking, so I'm going to input my weight weekly to help me remember to stay within a four-pound range. The tickers really help me stay on track.

Here is a post about Perseverance by the Amazing Shrinking Mom. I have been wondering whether I ought to stop doing this tracking bit now that I've reached my goal. But I don't think I can. In my case, I was never significantly overweight, but I hated the food habits I'd gotten into. I wanted to change those without the new habits taking over my life.... without obsessing and getting into unreal-perfection mode. I've been able to lose the weight without falling into a perfectionist spiral, which is a milestone for me in itself. But I will have to keep paying attention to those habits or else I will be back in the same boat I was in before.

Off I go to make sure my husband and son get some dinner -- they just got home from football practice.

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