Tuesday, August 07, 2007

household trivia

First load of clothes dried with our new dryer!

The days of hanging clothes on the loft railing were not so bad, but it will be nice to have softer towels and socks and underwear, anyway.

And having clothes folded and ready to go only 2 hours after putting them into the washer, feels like magic to me after a year of no dryer.


Mrs. Darling said...

Last year I got a new Kitchen Aid washer and dryer. They were both stainless steel and front loading. I was amazed at the difference in my laundry after using them. They are truly incredible. Congrats on your new machine!

Mom of Five said...

Love the new larger washers and dryers!! But they're hard on the back, be careful. They also wash SOOOO many clothes and do it well. Love your blog! thanks for the encouragement.

Faith said...

Oh, Willa, I am so envious. I hate my washer and dryer! My washer is all mildew-y and I can't get it clean enough and my dryer just takes forever to dry. I really want new ones for Christmas. I am making broad hints at my husband but he's trying to ignore me!!!!