Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Random Wednesday

Here is a small "works for me" for Wednesday:

  • Slice chicken when it's still half-frozen -- so much easier and more efficient.

Tuesday Tackle?

I didn't really do a tackle, unless you count making time for family--

  • I spent the morning playing a Robot game with the older boys, and part of the afternoon with the younger ones at the beach.

Oh, and planning:

  • I've spent a couple of evenings brainstorming homeschool planning with another veteran friend.

Menu Planning Monday?

Don't ask. The Menus4Moms were just SO uninspiring to me this week.

  • My little victory in the kitchen recently has been making creative use of leftovers. For example, I took extra BBQ'd chicken I had used on the pizza on Sunday -- and made a chili verde enchilada dish with it on Monday.
  • I also made an imitation crab salad with peppers and artichoke hearts -- it was pretty good but no one but me and Liam really goes for seafood salads.
My mealtime agenda has been to use up some of the food that has been lurking for a longish time in the freezer.

On the fitness front:

  • Well, I walked a bit while the kids were playing at the beach. Generally speaking it's been hard to exercise because the littlies seem to be needing more attention recently.

My fitness tip for the week:

"So, if you haven’t already, decide today to remove the terms ‘good’ and ‘bad’ from your diet vocabulary. Instead focus on your diet as a whole, so you get the ‘big picture’ when it comes to your health and well-being. This may mean cutting back the day after a big meal or indulgence. Most people for example, go a bit overboard on Thanksgiving. Far too often people start talking about all the ‘bad’ food they ate. Realistically speaking however, one day of indulgence of 300 good days is not really ‘bad’ at all. It’s perfectly normal. You can take charge of your health. All you need to do is adjust your attitude a little and make room for a little flexibility."

In other words, just as successful homeschooling can include some not-so-great or even just-plain-nothing days -- in the same way, you can have a piece of chocolate and still have a pretty good food day, or sometimes eat a few pieces of pizza without totally giving up on your healthy eating for good.

For me, that "all or nothing" lock-down is destructive, so the advice helps me.

  • Also, looking at the big picture helps me during times like this when I'm trying to eat pretty well, but actually gaining a pound or two -- it's a monthly cycle thing but at one time in my life it would have been very depressing to me -- now I can see the bigger picture and know that it will balance out over a few days.

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Faith said...

I just made fajitas and did the same thing with the skirt steak. I sliced it thinly while it was still semi-frozen. I was soooo proud of myself for remembering to do that!