Saturday, August 04, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

Two health habits:

  • Keeping track of the water I drink
  • Putting on the pedometer in the morning, and writing down number of steps in the evening.

This second habit helps me see what my normal activity level is. Yesterday I logged 30,000 steps. However, my pedometer overestimates considerably -- I think by 75% to 100%. I usually divide by two. It's useful to see patterns though. Once I get an idea of the average (about 20 K steps, so far, which I convert to 10,000) I can try to increase it.

Here's an article about walking. Here's some articles about measuring steps. My pedometer is this Oregon Scientific one. The price was right and it has lasted two years without a battery change. It gets mixed reviews. Someday, perhaps, I'll get a serious one. This one looks good.

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