Monday, August 27, 2007

Tackle-It -- car and pantry

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I already did my Tuesday Tackle, and it's only Monday -- is that a good sign or a disturbing one?

There were two, in fact:

One was vacuuming the car -- I really hope to make a regular habit of this. Our old one got trashed in the last almost nine years -- I'm forgiving myself for this because it endured feeding tubes working loose and leaking everywhere, gastric reflux, long travels with babies and all the half-chewed fruit snacks that involves, you name it. Precious moments! Still.... it would be nice to have a car that wasn't quite so redolent of memories, shall we say.

I've forgotten the other tackle! Well, I wiped the windowsills, but that wasn't it; OH -- I swept out the pantry. That was it. I got quite a dustpanful.

I even made a dental appointment for the kids -- this one is a huge procrastination deal for me, every six months.

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