Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuesday Tackle -- a bit late

This is Wednesday, but yesterday I did do a tackle:

The kitchen! I picked up the things that spend their days on the counters, and wiped underneath, and rearranged some drawers. On the bright side, the drawers were already pretty orderly from last time I rearranged them, three months back. Those things that stay nice are always occasions for rejoicing.

I also tidied the laundry room quite a bit.

And I refolded and rearranged the shirts and jeans and underwear in my clothes cabinet.

It was a modest tackle, but then I had spent the better part of the day down in town shopping for college gear for Liam and sewing stuff for Clare, so I was surprised I had the energy to do even that much.

I guess that could count as a tackle too! Liam now is supplied with socks, and khakis and a couple of shirts to replace the ones that got too worn during the past year.

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