Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wednesday -- Works for Me -- Leaving the House

I know I already did one today, but another one occurred to me.

A few years ago I made the commitment to start getting ready to leave for somewhere 20 minutes before we actually have to be out the door. When my littlies were younger, it was 30 minutes I needed because there was so much to remember to bring with me, plus the time it takes to corral them, get them dressed, wipe their faces, etc.

Before I started doing this, we always seemed to be rushing around to pile into the car at the last second. Major stress and annoyance.

Now that it sometimes doesn't even take twenty minutes -- because the littlies can do more themselves and I keep a bag partially packed and ready to grab and go -- I use the extra time to straighten the house a bit and reflect on whether I've forgotten an errand or something I need to bring or do.

Besides keeping a bag packed with a snack, bottled water, change of clothes and a few other things, I also lay out their "outing" clothes earlier in the day. That gives me time to reflect on what the weather will be like (hot, right now) and find things that match and are reasonably nice-looking. Their more casual and/or wornout favorites I save for home and yard wear.


This is post #200~~!! This blog was my first ever, and started as a general blog, but I didn't ever really make it public because, well, because I wasn't sure if this blog thing would work. Now it's evolved into my household commonplace book, and it's working so well for that.

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