Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday on the Home Front

No projects completed today, unless you count reading to the four year old for over an hour (and I guess I should count that). And taking the kids to homeschool group. And applying Drano to our sink, which regularly becomes sluggish.

I have started a new habit of browsing my bookshelves and homeschool closet looking for things to strew or to include in the week's homeschooling. This helps me keep in touch with all the books we have -- I've registered on LibraryThing but unlike so many kindred spirit bookworms, I can't seem to get motivated to enter my books. But I'm thinking of snapping photos of books I want to keep in mind, maybe on my Palm Treo, so I can scroll through quickly and visually remind myself what's around. The Treo even lets me put the photos in folders, so I could order them by age group or by subject or whatever. And I can upload them onto the computer, too (if I didn't have the Palm I would just take pics with the regular camera and then upload).

Ah, Fitness -- well, it's trying to take a back seat now that I'm immersed in homeschooling things. My average pedometer step reading is about 5,000 daily. Making peanut butter M&M cookies wasn't too helpful, though I've only eaten one so far.

If you take the Nestle Toll House Cookie recipe and substitute a cup or so of peanut butter for one of the cups of butter, and M&Ms for half the chocolate chips, it makes nice pb cookies. If you put cut-up Hershey's squares and Peanut Butter M&Ms in, too, that's even better.

We had salmon broiled in butter, lemon and spices for dinner, and leftover whole wheat pasta with a bit of butter and parmesan. And green beans. Simple but tasted good.

Speaking of simple, when I was visiting my Mom and Dad in Alaska, I admired my Mom's simplicity in cooking. One day when she had invited the pastor's wife and daughter to lunch, she made egg salad for sandwiches, with chopped green olives. Nice fresh French bread from the bakery, slices of cheddar cheese, and cubes of smoked salmon. Also black-pepper Triscuits. Grapes and dark chocolate squares for dessert. Nothing complex, but it was just... nice. Like one of those meals you read about in a book where the hero visits a farm or a cottage.

I miss not being able to see my parents more than once a year. That is a real sorrow. They live in Alaska and it's hard to get up there without an airplane (pretty impracticable, in fact).

My mom underwent surgery yesterday for a uterine cyst. She has been on my mind quite a bit. She was doing well at last report.

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Love2Learn Mom said...

One trick with Library Thing that you might not be aware of is that you can go to a like-minded friend's library and click the plus-signs on the right hand side of the page for any books that you want to have added to your own catalog. It might be a nice quick way to get jump-started if you're interested. :)