Thursday, September 27, 2007

Weekly Update

The house looks like a mess, but the systems underneath are working pretty well, if that isn't a contradiction in terms. That is, I am keeping better track of things and a better "flow" (where things don't get stuck in corners -- see An Unschooling Landscape) but after a week of busy homeschooling and a huge styrofoam-filled box coming into our house, and a trip to the thrift store today, the house looks trashed. Grandma is coming tomorrow to drop off some things -- good motivation to get the downstairs in order, at least! Now that all the homeschool books seem to have migrated downstairs, I need to rearrange to make places for them. This is the down side of a literature-oriented homeschool approach ;-).

Works for Me Wednesday

We went shopping for socks today, and a Works For Me occurred to my mind -- it's probably nothing that hasn't occurred to other mothers of several, since I originally read the tip somewhere, but it's been helpful. Buy a different brand of socks for each kid! Make them really distinctively different from each other. This makes it so much easier to sort socks, which is one of the jobs I dread most. Now even the little kids can help (and that reminds me, the current littlies haven't picked up laundry skills the way the older set did at that age -- I ought to get them involved now that we have a dryer and the whole laundry system is so smooth and easy).


  • Wiped the light switches and doorknobs -- for some reason, this was a major procrastination for me. Plan to get the kids doing it.
  • The freezer has STAYED organized since I organized it this summer.
  • I reorganized the books and reshelved a bunch that were finished but lying around.
  • I straightened my curriculum closet and even managed to clear a whole shelf which is now standing empty (rare in this house!)

Future Tackle: My crafts closet. Needs to be inventoried and sorted, and the camera will help considerably with that.

Fitness Friday:

  • The Exercycle has made exercise so much easier -- my Rivendell sidebar ticker will move much faster now. I went 8 miles today -- the equivalent of riding Shadowfax : ).
  • Maintaining weight -- it's been 2 months of maintenance now -- as long as I stay in a 3 lb range around the target, I'm happy about it.


momof3feistykids said...

It looks like a productive week. I love the Shadowfax thing. :-)

Adriana said...

The socks idea is great. I might have to introduce this in my family too.