Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My weight maintenance chart doesn't really show it yet, but I'm having trouble maintaining right now. I think it is something to do with the cold October weather and a primal need for a bit of protective fat around the internal organs, expressed in terms of cravings for comfort food. For example, I ate four large donuts yesterday. That is just one example.

I have been having trouble getting to the exercycle recently, too, partly because we've been so busy driving all over the place. And Aidan gets confrontational whenever I'm riding ... sigh. But today I went 10 miles, in 3 separate installments (two of them while he was asleep, and one while I was talking to a friend on the phone). It was really nice. I love the feeling of really working out, and it inspires me to stay away from those heavy carbs which leave me dragged out.

On the home front -- once again, I have to say I was right all those years when I said I didn't have time to stay fit. The house hasn't looked so disheveled since, well, I think it would be when I was pregnant with Paddy and could hardly stir off the couch except to go to the hospital for prenatal treatments. I know that if I start paying attention to the house, the homeschooling and self-care will fly out the window. I simply don't seem to be able to do it all, or even 70% -- I'm not even doing an A+ job with the homeschooling and fitness things.

Let me list out my priorities and see if that helps at all (in no particular order):

  • Devotions
  • Husband
  • Children -- raising and educating, maintaining their health
  • Friends and extended family
  • Personal health, hobbies etc.
  • House Maintenance and Upkeep
  • Cooking
  • Pet Maintenance
  • Yard and Car Maintenance
  • Community Involvement
It doesn't really help. All of those could be further subdivided.

If I manage a Rosary, a few miles on the bike, a bit of attention for husband and kids, basic homeschooling, reminders to brush teeth, an occasional call or email to others, and some sort of dinner on the table, I feel like I've scraped through another day. But that isn't optimal. Where are Stephen Covey's Quadrant III activities? -- the longterm, foundational, important though not urgent ones? I have to hope you can do foundational by increments.... a book read aloud here, a heartfelt mom-daughter discussion there, an effort made to do a science experiment with a bored 11 year old. Because if you can't do it in bits and pieces, we are building on sand.

The past few weeks, dental visits, therapy and medical appointments alone have taken up several dozen hours. ... not to mention $$$ in gasoline. That isn't even counting football and homeschool meetings. Complex series of phone calls are another big time and energy drain.... and so are things that were left too long, and have become bigger problems rather than politely going away as I would prefer them to.

OK, I'll stop whining now! It may not look very pretty, but it's probably a bit more healthy than eating all the rest of the Trader Joe milk chocolate chips.... mmm, milk chocolate chips....

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