Monday, October 15, 2007


I did some tidying and reorganizing today... sorting out some books I bought recently from the library, and making room for this years' curriculum in some shelves next to my kitchen.

But other than that, the house has been trashed for quite some time, I'm afraid. I'm not sure why, but the beginning of the downfall coincided with the start of homeschooling.

I am over halfway to Rivendell (see the ticker on the side)!

I have maintained my weight loss for 2.5 months now. It's been over five months since I first started the new regimen. So far so good. I still weigh myself daily but I don't keep a food diary regularly, just on days when I feel the need to get back on track (like maybe tomorrow since today I ate quite a few jelly beans).

The exercycle is a wonderful invention. Finally, I can get a good workout without leaving the house, and even read or listen to music or talk on the phone while I'm cycling.

But it occurs to me that I was right all these years -- I really don't have time to exercise! at least, and keep the house clean, as well. I am not giving up the cycling because I haven't felt so strong for a long time and my chronic skin issues have subsided. But I guess I have to figure out some way to do it all. So my housekeeping project for the week, besides restoring some tidiness, is figuring out better ways to maintain and get the other members of the household maintaining, too.

Clare and I went to Salvation Army and we came away with several shirts for Paddy, Aidan and Kieron, plus some skirts and tops and sweaters for ourselves, and Clare got a couple of pairs of shoes and a coat. All for less than 40 dollars. I think I have enough clothes now. I have been slowly discarding the ones that are too big for me but there's still plenty left.

Oh, and I deleted all the tasks from the Palm Treo. It was way too complicated trying to get through them all every day. I don't function well with a whole bunch of little reminders like flies buzzing around. I'm saving the "task" function for things that are more or less unique projects, like phone calls or deadlines.

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