Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Works for Me -- clean-up "pegs"

This was one of Leonie's practical ideas -- works great if I can

(1) plan the pegs in the first place.
(2) remember them at the right time.

Attaching small tasks to "pegs" in the day.

When the kids were little we always had a "quick pick up" after homeschool morning and just before lunch. I would hum a song and the kids would see how much they could tidy before the song ended. It was fun and it really made a dent in the mess.

Recently, I have been trying to remember to attach a "pick up little toys in corners" peg to our various errands. That is, if I remember, before we leave for a place, particularly the market and library, or before they start computer free time, I have them inspect all the wall corners for the little Lego bits and other stuff that seems to accumulate -- for some reason.

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