Friday, November 23, 2007

Pre-Advent Priorities

I am waking up my poor little homekeeping blog to make a list of priorities.

The healthy eating, exercise and housekeeping have all gone by the board recently... sigh. Travels and holidays and lots of appointments have made it difficult to keep up. A friend once said that homeschooling moms can keep the house clean, homeschool, and (one thing I can't remember-- have a life??) but not all three at the same time. I notice that, too.

I wanted to do Novel in a Month and haven't even started....sigh.

So during this weekend I'd like to:

  • Work on my story (my oldest son is home from college and we like to have story society meetings when he is around; also, I hate setting a bad example of ongoing writer's block/laziness for him).
  • Clean up the house (with the help of the kids)
  • Play some games with the kids.
  • Get some planning done for homeschooling next week (probably minimal planning since it's hard to focus on hsing when we are not actually DOING it at the time).
  • Get the rest of the firewood stacked (2 cords).
  • Cook some nice meals and perhaps plan some cooking for Advent (I wanted to make some culinary memories this Advent and Christmas season).
  • Get back on track with the healthy eating and exercising. (I may have to start my food journal again).
  • Gather up some ideas for gift-giving and generosity for Christmas.
I guess the solution for juggling homeschooling, housekeeping and a life is to combine them all. So that's probably what I'll experiment with doing this December.

I think I have progressed since last year, though -- or perhaps it's just that I am not quite so busy with little ones, so I have more ability to focus. Because usually I don't start thinking about these things till the first week of December.

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