Sunday, January 13, 2008

Changing the Chore Routine again

Here is the chore list I made for this week. You can click on the gif image to make it bigger.

I'm doing it a new way. I took all the index cards I made last year when I was reading Side Tracked Home Executives. (I thought I had a photo of the index cards somewhere but I can't seem to find it). I have added other chores besides the SHE ones over time, some of them from Flylady and some from things that are particularly directed towards my house.

I took out the ones that were more or less on a fixed schedule and put those by day on the left side. Then I shuffled all the other cards and then typed out about 20 of them on the right side. I can go through them during the course of the week. The way my week goes, realistically I get a lot more house stuff done on Monday and Tuesday than I do the rest of the week, when I'm struggling a bit more just to keep going. So I am hoping to do over half of the twenty on those days but we will see.

If this works I will keep doing it this way. The index cards are colored -- yellow is daily, blue is weekly, green is monthly and pink is seasonal. Purple is for things I do that aren't house things -- I put things like calling friends, knitting, that kind of thing on those ones. So it is easy to figure out when I need to do the job again.

The ones in bold are things I really SHOULD be doing daily but I thought if I put just a couple of them down per week that would remind me to stay on track, or get back on track if I've gotten off.

This kind of thing DOES help, but I am also trying to figure out some habits that will make things in general more streamlined. I read a website where someone said that their mom kept a chest in the attic with all her kids' toys in it and rotated them out so the kids had to pick up the last toy before getting out a new one. This is actually something like what I am doing with the little ones' Christmas toys. It is certainly better than having to sort out a million little Melissa and Doug beads and letters and pattern blocks every day. We still seem to have lots of little pieces of things everywhere though. That is something I really want to get under control before too much longer.

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