Saturday, January 12, 2008

Healthy Living Resolutions

My friend Chari started a weight loss thread at Real Learning. Now technically according to the charts I don't have any weight to lose. But I have slender bones, and not the greatest muscle tone, and so I feel much better when I am about ten pounds below where I am right now. And I eat better then too, and exercise more as well.

So I'm going to follow along with them secretly. Chari is so organized and inspiring. Maybe I can offer up my little austerities for the success of these women in their weight loss efforts. I genuinely am a real true carb addict so I will feel some pain. I am lucky though that my metabolism seems to work in such a way that if I JUST QUIT IT with the carbs I can get the weight off without too much of a struggle. At least so far -- now that I am 45 I shouldn't take it for granted that that will last forever.

I am typing this as I eat a sugar cookie left over from yesterday's homeschool cookie decorating party! But oh well -- now that Little Christmas is over and ordinary time is starting again we can keep the sugar out of the house a bit better.

My specific goals for right now is to work up to 5 miles a day on my exercise bike, and cut simple carbs to a minimum (I will not deprive myself of a square of chocolate now and then -- that is a necessary food group for me).

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