Thursday, January 03, 2008

Keeping the Understructure Organized

I wrote about my resolutions at my other blog:

One of them I wrote about was "keeping the under-structure of the house organized". I noticed during 2007 that even though the house gets fantastically messy sometimes, I am finding myself more likely

  • to know what's stockpiled in my closets
  • to keep track of phone calls and other things I have to do by a certain date
  • to be able to find something that I've put away.

Part of it of course is not having littlies. A sad state of affairs with that one silver lining: it is easier to think two thoughts in a row. For me, what always fell through the gaps first when I had a baby in arms was putting things away when I was done using them.

But another part is all the work I've been doing on:

  • Streamlining routines
  • Organizing and decluttering
This year I want to build on that. I have some ideas but that will have to wait until I get it thought out a bit more.

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