Monday, January 14, 2008

Mastering the Mess Monday

Today is Menu Monday. Looking over at the menus4moms website I see that they have daily chore reminders a la Flylady. These look very reasonable.

This week's area is the Foyer, Living Room & Dining Room.

If you have not decluttered this area, instead of completing today's task, spend 15 minutes decluttering the current area only.

If you have already decluttered, your goal today is to organize and cull books in the current area for 15 minutes only. You will probably not finish all of this task, just do as much as you can in that time then quit.

Remember, you are only working in the Foyer, Living Room & Dining Room. Limit your time to 15 minutes for this task and stick to it - set a timer if you have to! When you are done, take a moment to look around and appreciate your efforts.

If you do not have a daily routine in place, this is a good time to set one up.

I will not know what my week's menu will be like until Kevin comes home from shopping, which is where he is now. Here is the menu for this week from the site but I don't think I will be able to make most of those things -- either we don't have the ingredients, or I am pretty sure my kids would hate it (the chicken with mustard cream sauce). Yesterday we had pizza and today we will have stir fry chicken unless Kevin comes home with something particularly good or easy.

So I will go with listing out how the home cleaning things are going since that is what I need to focus on this week anyway.

So far my weekly Age Quod Agis list is helpful:

  • I paid Kieron to shovel the deck.
  • I vacuumed downstairs.
  • I did an inventory of the refrigerator, and wiped the shelves
  • I took down the tree and packed the accessories away.
  • I changed the sheets.
  • I am going through the laundry.
  • I paid Kieron to pick up all the tiny little pieces of toys around the house that were driving me crazy.
  • I tidied and straightened for quite a while.

The kids all did their jobs that they do twice a week according to their rotation. Brendan is #1 today.

This took most of the morning. In the afternoon after Aidan's OT (if she comes -- she is late) I will do a few more of the things on the list.

So far it seems to be helping. If I do something different, that's not on the job list, I just write it down beside there. That way I can get a realistic estimate of how often jobs need to be done. Our house tends to accumulate dirt and dust very quickly because we live in the mountains where everything is gritty and dirty. Even when there is snow, as now, the roads get coated with dirt to prevent slipping so dirt still comes in.

Anyway, it looks better than it has for a while. I may take the Menus4Mom idea of culling out some books. They are getting out of hand and Clare and I are planning to go to the thrift store in the next week or so anyway.


Meredith said...

Thsi looks great Willa, I too like the menu4moms ideas! Have a great week!

Willa said...

Thanks Meredith! I love your comments!