Monday, January 21, 2008

Morning Routine -- Winter 2008

  • Get up and get dressed
  • Straighten bathroom quickly
  • Get Aidan dressed
  • Give Aidan his medicine
  • Quick tidy upstairs
  • Bring laundry basket downstairs
  • Start coffee
  • Start fire
  • Let dog go outside
  • Start laundry
  • Prep for breakfast
  • Tidy kitchen and work on shopping list
  • Sit down with coffee to plan day(using notes from the day before) and have a quiet time
Here are my plans for the household, and for homeschool. I have them on a clipboard and yesterday I started trying something new -- that is a piece of paper for every project (complex series of tasks) that I have to work on during this week.

I am thinking of modifying this to get Aidan's brace on first thing in the morning, and exercise in the morning.

This all seems to take about 45 minutes -- to get from getting out of bed to sitting down with the coffee.

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