Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Tackle: Upstairs Bookshelves

I like this:
How to Clean Your House in Nineteen Minutes
I may try it and see if I can really manage that.

When I came downstairs today the ground floor looked nicer than it had for, well, since before Christmas anyway. That work yesterday paid off for more than half an hour, which is nice.

But today, my tackle is the upstairs. It looks awful. Kevin brought home some cinder blocks which I was planning to use to recycle some old shelves that were left over when a bookcase fell apart due to Sean's football passing. (Long story, and he would say it is not his fault, but this is my blog : )).

So I dismantled one shelf to move it somewhere else and brought the cinder blocks upstairs and -- to make a long story short, there are books and shelf pieces and all sorts of things everywhere. That is the job for today.

If I get extra time, I will work a bit more on my Age Quod Agis list.

We are going to have orange chicken tonight. We ended up having tacos yesterday because Sean won a bet with me and tacos are his favorite dinner.

My food resolutions are not going so good. ....sigh..... eating is just too much fun.

ETA: I finished the tackle -- fixed up the cinder blocks with the shelves in the cubbyhole behind our bed, to put our boxes of old videos upon. Then I tidied the closet and vacuumed in all the corners. Then I just swept under the couch and the kitchen island downstairs.

I dusted the picture frames upstairs (some of them at least).

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