Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Working Wednesday

Today I finished building the shelves upstairs (with help from younger ones in the family) and got the books arranged in a sort of makeshift way. The shelves are different sizes than the old ones so I have to organize a bit differently. But the upstairs is starting to look better.

We also brought Paddy's toddler bed out there so he can sleep with his brothers. Which means our loft looks like a dormitory but there you go; it is.

I made my bed (!!!!) – big news, but usually I wake up quite a bit before Kevin and then just never get back into my room to fix it up until after dinner.

It feels like I did more than that but probably not – building the shelves took about 45 minutes, stacking the books another 15, and arranging everything to make room for Paddy took another half hour.

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Matilda said...

I would love to hear you thoughts on organizing books. Do you arrange them on the shelf by size, subject, author, etc?