Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Fitness

I weighed in at a bit over 139 lbs -- an upswing of a pound, but I was expecting it. I've been eating and exercising pretty well, but it is that time of the month.

I got 26 miles further on the road to Lothlorien, bringing me up to 90 miles progress! I alternated between riding the stationary bike, and walking with my husband to the post office -- quite challenging since we are at altitude and there are steep up and down hills on the journey.

Quoting my daughter again -- I thought what she wrote here was very sensible.

At a certain point in weight loss a person will often get stuck on a plateau. You pretty much know you're on one when three or more weeks of good eating and exercise aren't making a difference in what the scale says.

What's nice about those is that you don't exactly have to keep doing what you're doing. In fact, the ideal is to do something different. Your body has obviously gotten fairly comfortable with the way things are going, and has learned to adjust. So what you need to do is shock it up just a little bit.

Change something. If you usually bike for your exercise, dance instead. If you usually dance, bike. Do something new, do something a little longer, do something a little more intensely... just do something different so your body has to wake up and adapt.

It's the same thing with eating. Eat different foods than you're accustomed to, eat different amounts. It's not a good idea to start eating too little (a woman really shouldn't go below 1200 calories a day), but you can do what's called 'calorie cycling.' It consists of eating at the low end of your calorie range for one day, shooting for the high end the next day, and the next somewhere in the middle... basically you mix up your calories, confuse your body, and convince it to stop stalling.

And whatever you do, don't focus too much on the scale. See how your clothes are fitting, how your energy levels are, how you feel. If you learn to measure success in other ways beside the scale, you won't get as depressed, and stand a better shot of succeeding in the end.

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